“When nobody celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments, then compliment yourself. It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It’s up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside.” – Joel Osteen

Dear Readers,

Today I logged into my account and immediately saw that more than 211000 of you had already viewed my blog site!!! Keep enjoying the journey fellas!

I can not tell you how emotional and happy that made me feel. I am really stuck for words.

Three years ago I was someone who wanted to make other people feel happy, joyful and make them laugh. I know, because of this, know there is someone out there, maybe just one person sat there smiling at the screen there looking at my posts. I don’t even care if you are smiling or laughing at my atrocious spelling or my actual posts, it’s making a little bit of a difference. hahaha

The thing that inspired me to write this post was the fact that I would never have dreamed that I’d be where I am today. Back then I never used to do anything different each day, and I didn’t really have the confidence to do anything new. But then I realised that I needed to change. To be happy, sometimes you need to do some things that are out of your comfort zones. For me, it was blogging. I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal. However, after about 3 months I was happy, way happier than before and ever since then (about a year and a half ago) I’ve been getting happier with every day.

it’s easy to get sucked into a blogging rut. But, I wrote down everything that I love about blogging as a reminder to myself.

  1. You learn a HUGE amount of skills without realising.
  2. There are some incredibly talented people out there.
  3. It’s amazing to watch your space grow and feel proud that it’s something you’ve built.
  4. You get to discover things that you might not have found before.
  5. It can be a place to escape when you’ve had a rubbish day. LOL!
  6. You can be whoever you want to be online, more than likely you will find yourself being more honest than you’re in real life.
  7. Everybody has a different blogging story and it’s interesting to hear them.

What are your favourite things about blogging?

What I Like, Love, and Hate About Social Media

Today I’ll be writing a blog post about the things I love and hate about social media. This should be interesting.

I like how I can, with a click of a few buttons, message someone on the other side of the world without it taking days or years, depending on if they’re online and if your connection great, it’s almost instant. It’s scary how we’ve gone from waiting weeks and months on end for a reply to a letter of for your messenger to come back and now it’s instantaneous. Its amazing how much more power and control we have over things that back in the day they didn’t used to have.

I love how I connect with people like the way I can connect with my readers, I would spill my heart out and I’ve probably at least got someone out there reading my posts who understands the way I feel. I love the mysteriousness of being able to connect with people I’ve never met before without it putting me in an inch of danger. Especially as I can do this anonymously, could you have written something and put it up somewhere for everyone to see about your feelings and passions anonymously, 100 years ago? Probably not.

Umm…the internet is one scary fast moving thing. Continue reading