Ce Qui Me Fait Sourire


New post in French. Enfin le week-end. Sincèrement, je crois que les petites choses en vie sont les plus gratifiantes. Bien qu’elles soient petites, et quoiqu’on ait tendance à les oublier ou, le pire, les tenit pour acquis, elles nous aident s’en sortir la vie quotidienne.

J’ai fait une liste de choses qui me fait sourire. Et finalement: de quoi vous fait sourire? Dites-moi! Continue reading


A Bad Moment Does Not Make A Bad Day

The other day, while in conversation with a few friends at work, one of them mentioned why he doesn’t believe in bad days.


“You can have bad moments, but that doesn’t mean you’re having a bad day.”

This kind of stuck with me. So much so, that I came home that night and hand painted the phrase “a bad momet does not make a bad day” as a reminder to myself. Now..well I’m writing an entire blog post about it.

We are naturally more likely to hold onto the bad moments than the good ones. And, when the bad moments happens toward the end of the work day, you’re even more likely to bring these negative feelings home with you and suddenly, you’ve had a bad day. In reality, the day may have been just fine, great even – but the bad things that brought you down is the most recent and vivid memory you have of your day, so you’re going to hold onto it a little longer. Continue reading

Why Im Trying Not To Be Perfect

imagesAs I was walking from Indomaret to my house carrying a loads of heavy bags, I started thinking about the process that we as humans go through. The pressure upon people in the younger generations are great when it comes to being perfect. It’s like we all have to have the perfect skin, hair and are expected to be happy all the time, because we are “young”. We are also always expected to get high grades as we are all classed as bright and clever. Continue reading

I’m Glad To Be A Small Blogger

I love blogging; it makes me so happy and has improved my life in so many ways. I love checking my WordPress feed throughout the day and get such a buzz every time I see a post from one of my favourite bloggers. I love leaving comments on posts, I’ve enjoyed reading and chatting to fellow bloggers. I work on my own blog posts pretty much every day and find it so exciting to get my ideas down and then spend hours editing them to make the blog post the best it can

Clearing out my head space

However as much as I love blogging and everything that comes with it, I find it quite a hard world to be part of sometimes as quite often I find myself feeling incredibly insecure. My original idea for this post was a comical ‘ways I failure as a blogger’ type post, but I realised it was a bit too negative and actually I don’t fail as a blogger at all because I’m part of this world and posting regularly on my blog so how on earth can that be failing?! hahaha Continue reading