Creating Memories & Life Lessons on the Playground

I was born into a middle class family, where my parents tried their best to bring us up. We were aware that means were limited and we have to try to utilise it to the optimum. This awareness never made us demand much. But stay content with whatever we had.

Coming back to today’s times, it seems that everywhere we look, we find ourselves bombarded with advertisements telling us we all need more stuff. I believed the advertisers for years. But now that I’m older? I realize that when I think back on my childhood, it’s the memories I made with my family that I cherised — not the gifts I received. I hope to give my daughter the gift of memories over the gift of toys she’ll forget by next year.

One thing we miss a lot after the pandemic in the visit to playground especially overcrowded in those kids play area during weekends. The kids were unknown to each other but they enjoyed running around those equipment’s, climbing and hanging and the rush sliding down. These don’t make that much fun, when you visit on other days when there are no kids around and your kid alone in those slides, swings and bars.

Is it safe to take my child to the playground during covid? Playground play is beneficial for kids’ physical and mental health, but parents wonder about the risks of letting their children use playgrounds during a pandemic. By following basic health and safety guidelines, playground play can be safe.

Trying to keep our daughter happy and also safe during the covid pandemic has not been without stress. As parents, it can be so upsetting to see our children suffer from loneliness and isolation.

Every time we went out to those playground, I would stand around my daughter to make sure she is fine from a distant, I would enjoy watching her rushing around to make queues, impatiently waiting for her turn up to the slide to enjoy her ride down and back again to experience the same. As I would keep watching her do this in circles there is something about life it taught me.

There is no fun in enjoying the ride alone. We want to be part of the rush, competition, wait in the line, holding the excitement of your turn. Also even though the sliding is the best part or fun part it has no meaning without the climbing the ladder, unless you put in efforts to reach to the part from where you can feel the rush to slide there is no point in just sliding. So is with life just having the fun part and not taking efforts or working to make life meaningful, makes the fun no fun, the fun loses its value. Its our challenges, efforts, hard work, goals to achieve actually make the enjoyable parts of life meaningful.

Also this is a kind of energy you build in the form of potential energy as you reach the top of the slide, which transforms into kinetic energy as you slide down. Thus energy first needs to build up to be put to use. And the difference in your potential energy and kinetic energy is lost in the form of thermal energy due to friction along the slide. So is with life, energy changes its form as put to use and this change in energy is what is needed to keep things moving. Nothing is valuable if it just stays where it is, both the fun and efforts are equally important to keep life moving.


  1. Vos informations sont très intéressantes. Merci pour le partage

    1. Heni says:

      De rien 😀

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