Alhamdulilah we are able to celebrate our victory in Ramadhan this year. When I was younger, I looked forward to celebrating Eid because I knew I would be getting all the green packets (of money) from adults. Now, I look forward to Eid because it is a time to reflect and spend time with the family and friends. It is difficult to spend time with the family and friends all the time so I truly appreciate the time off from work to reunite with everyone.

People who skip visiting during Eid, you are missing out a lot. It is a time to catch up and bond. Regardless of how old I am, Eid visiting with the family has always been a priority to me. My aunties and uncles may age a little more every year but their presence and jokes never get old. Everyone’s lives are evolving too quickly and despite being so busy, Eid is time reserved for those special ones closed to our hearts. I find that the older I am, the more I appreciate spending time with loved ones.

Trying to take a decent family photo is always a challenge. I thought we did good this year but look who decided to be cranky lol. This is not the full team by the way. Some are not here. Wish I had more energy to capture more photos.

This year, if I don’t make it to your place, please accept my sincere apologies. The future is unwritten and unpredictable so I always appreciate every moment that bring smiles to my face.

Eid Mubarak to all muslims and Alhamdulilah for being able to celebrate it with our loved ones. Hope your Eid celebration was just as colourful. 

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