Things I Enjoy about Working from The Office

I’ve had experience both from working from home and working in an office. I will be talking about 4 things I enjoy about working in the office in this blog post. I want to take this opportunity to make it clear that I firmly believe that there are many benefits of working from home. This post just focuses on the office aspects of work that I enjoy. Moreover, everyone is different. Some love working from home full time. Some prefer going in the office full time, whereas other people would like a mix of both office and home. We should therefore be open to the fact that different people would prefer different things when it comes to home/office work.

Why I like working from the office

1. Spontaneous interactions with colleagues in the office

The thing I love about the face-to-face aspect of being in an office is the opportunity to have spontaneous conversations with other colleagues. I have found that when working in an office, you get the chance to know your colleagues on a more personal level. And find out the things they do and enjoy outside working hours. This can form a basis to have unplanned conversations about things completely enrelated to work when you bump into them.

2. After work/lunch socials

Although I wouldn’t call myself an extrovert. I do enjoy socials a lot. The firm I am currently in is avery social bunch. And I have been lucky to have had the chance to attend many virtual socials such as virtual escape room, lunchtime games, and quizzes. One thing I have found is that if I know that there is a social event happening after work, it gives me something to look forward to. This can give me extra motivation if I am having a busy or stressful day at work. Furthermore, I also feel that work socials help with having a work-life balance. This is one of the things that I value the most.

3. The Commute to The Office

You will probably think I am crazy for enjoying the commute. But do hear me out. There are two main reasons (among others) why I enjoy the commute. The first reason is that at the start of the day, the journey helps put me in the right headspace for the working day, as it gives me a chance to clear my thoughts and think about ways to ensure a productive day at work.

Secondly, after a day at work (especially it has been a busy or stressful one), the journey gives me a clear separation between work life and home/leisure life. This certainly helps me with my well-being. However, I know that everyone’s commute is different so my experiences won’t be applicable to everyone.

4. The routine and structure it gives to my day

Some people I have spoken to recently have said that at the moment, it sometimes feels that all the days have been morphed into one. Whilst this is something I haven’t felt strongly myself, I can see how it can feel that way. I personally have found it harder to maintain a routine and structure lately. One thing I miss most about going to the office is that it allows me to have a clear, well-defined separation between work and leisure. This helps massively with my routine ans structure.

What are some things you like about working from the office? Do you prefer working from home?

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