Fun Activities for Child

“Is it easier for you to work from home since you have just the one daughter?”

This well-meaning remark actually made me stop and think. Really, is it easier for me? Well, actually it may seem easier but in reality, it is no different.

While the challenges of multiple kids are definitely many, the challenges of an only child aren’t any less. You see, when you have an only child, he or she does not have siblings to hang out with, squabble with or basically, grow up with.

She has YOU.

Keeping an only child engaged and entertained while you try to juggle work, home and other odd jobs in your life as mom needs a fair amount of planning and thinking.

I’ve needed to come up with a few ways to keep our daughter occupied while we work:

{While I use these ideas to keep my only child engaged, I’m sure you can use them just as well with multiple kids as well.}

1. Pretend Play

Pretend play is a fantastic way to keep only kids engaged. To add to the pretend play fun, we have a few toy sets that she can use when she tires of just playing with dolls and vespa. The pretend doctor and ice cream seller sets are her favorites. She can spend a couple of minutes making, selling and tending to “patients”.

The best part is that I can set her ice cream sets up close to my desk and keep sampling her “dessert” while I work. Similarly, with the doctor set, she enjoys coming over and giving us an injection or checking our heartbeat.

2. Coloring and Finger Paint 

While she does love to paint, I can’t let her paint unsupervised for fear of messing up the walls in our house.

What I can let her do though is color with washable crayons and do finger painting.

3. DIY Craft

While most of our craft activities are joint ventures, there are a few things that a preschooler can do on their own with minimal supervision. Gluing cutouts or stickers to a paper, tearing paper/cardboard for future craft projects or putting together picture puzzles are all activities that a toddler can do with little or no supervision.

4. Picture Books

My toddler can’t read yet but luckily, she still loves books. So I have a set of picture books that she enjoys leafing through. The colorful pictures keep her engrossed and she has her own story to go along with the photos that I can often hear her tell her toys.

Plus, she also enjoys looking at the pictures and identifying objects or counting objects in themselves.

5. Stacking, counting and sorting 

While looks like she is ‘just playing’ she is also using her fine motor skills, being creative, thinkin about patterns and math concepts and using her imagination. 

6. Outdoor activities 

Being outside is an exciting sensory experience for babies and toddlers. Toddlers love the chance to explore different spaces and touch natural objects.

Sometimes all kids need is a fun outdoor game to release built-up energy and have a blast. 

How do you keep an only child busy and entertained?

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