Balance: Build an Emotional Connection with Our Daughter

My husband and I are both full time workers and have one kid. Balancing everything and keeping everything in check can be hard sometimes. So many times I get to thinking and don’t keep what’s important in front of me. Than my husband reminds me our kid need us more than any job. She come first. Our mental health comes first. We have to take care of her so she can get better so we can get better also. Balancing is hard to do, and waht makes it easier to balance is having an awesome partner to balance it out wit! My husband and I make a great team. I’m one lucky woman.

Being a mother to an active 2 y.o has shown me a side of my personality, I never knew existed. Having my daughter, perhaps, gives me an insight into her world leading to a deeper empathy and understanding for her behaviour. This is an account of what I sensed in my interaction with my daughter in my neighbourhood.

Children are more flexible than we make them out to be.They have a natural resilience and flexibility to adapt to situations. They live in the moment without grudges, are happy and cheerful. They know within themselves that nature has excellent healing properties. It not only heals the body, but the mind and soul as well.

What a refreshing feeling it is, to be in the lap of nature feeling the cool breeze and inhaling the fragrance of it all.

To be so immersed and one with the natural beauty all around.

It seems challenging to say at least, to stay grounded and positive with so much anxiety and uncertainty looming in our lives these days. It seems that many of us are experiencing an ongoing kaleidoscope of mixed emotions.

Creating ‘room’ in our lives for play is our mission. We want to build an emotional connection with our daughter. Although it may seem that taking precious time for exploratory play is frivolous given our daily responsibilities and obligations, we will lose out on those creative leaps that occur when we give ourselves permission to let our imaginative powers loose. Finding those sparks that light us up can be possible when we relax our perfectionistic expectations and learn to lean into the moment. Letting your play flags fly may take us further than we think. And no matter the result, it can’t hurt us to play a bit more often.

Being courageous during trying times requires conscious and mindful attention to all that is good in our lives. Finding the self-knowledge within to understand that life is about seeking balance. Being grateful for what we have. Recognizing that shifting between the positive and negative allows us to see the value of both.

Reaching out to our people as often as we can. Our connections with one another remain the most important aspects of our lives. Respecting that will enable us all to safety get through these trying times.

May you find both joy and light during these difficult times.

Stay healthy and safe!

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