About me? Really, You want to know?

Hey, hi, hello. . . ! Welcome to my 2nd blog 🙂

My name is Heni Eka Sari. I’m a 30 yo happy mess of a human chasing my dream of telling stories through writing and various other creative mediums. I welcome you to my lifestyle blog. Over here, you’ll find a creative space that I use to share my thoughts and experiences on life. You’re all welcomed to share once your intentions are to inform, assist and educate others. Or if not, just to have fun and be entertained!

I want to have a blog to document my life events so that I have something to laugh about in the future. And it’s also a great way to monitor my ageing process.

This blog will be posted in 3 languages: in French, in  English, and in Indonesian. It depends on my mood. Aside from  practicing my writing and English/French translation skills,  I’m also here to meet people and their stories.

My mind can be pretty spontaneous. Some of my favourite topics: the human being, emotions, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, consciousness, how things work, abstract models and theories, nature and the environment, existentialism, language, dreams, education, the universe, and creativity. I’m going to  post about my thoughts, my experiences, my life, where I’ve  been and where I want to go.


I love  outdoor activity as you can see in the photo.  I am currently into freestyle slalom inline  skating. Yes, I am freestyle slalom inline skater. ^^

 I love looking at photography and art. I love theatre and live performances. I love markets. I love connecting. I love writing. I am an extroverted introvert and crave silence and alone time. I love travelling. I MOSTLY love my life.


 Oh, and I LOVE comments. So feel free. OK?

 Remember to follow my blog if you like this kind of content! XOXO

43 thoughts on “About me? Really, You want to know?

    • Salam kenal juga kakak! Hehe … masak syh? Y memang masih belum banyak orang yg familiar dengan olah raga ini. Tapi di Indonesia lagi berkembang banget kok sekarang. Makasih ya sudah meninggalkan jejak di blog saya yang masih cupu ini. 😀

  1. Wah, Heni blognya keren sekali. Seru sekali baca kegiatannya, terutama yang berhubungan dengan inline skating. Keep blogging yaaa! 😉

  2. Wah, anak semarang ya? aku minggu depan mau ke Semarang nih, tempat menarik disemarang dimana ya?
    Salam kenal, heni 🙂

  3. A twenty something skater, Semarang..? Beberapa tahun lalu termasuk yang suka hangout di kedai kopi di Sampangan (Jl. Lamongan) itukah? Kalau iya terima kasih sudah ikut meramaikan, kalau tidak ya salam Semarang saja. 🙂

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