I have started building a library of books for my daughter. We read to her all the time, and people have very generously given us books to start her collection. It made me think about how we want to go about building her bookshelf. What kinds of books do we want to include? What do we want to leave off?

Here are some of my thoughts about how I’m going to go about it.


Review: The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

Happy Friday! I think most people are in need of a little pick me up! This book, a book that does exactly what it says on the cover. It was just so comforting and validating. Now I open it at random just to see what pearl of comfort I land on. A Truly fulfilling read, whether you read it from cover to cover or dip into it randomly.

Matt Haig’s latest book can best be described as that long awaited warm hug you didn’t know you needed. The Comfort Book is a collection of Haig’s random quips and thoughts about hope, happiness and life. It without a doubt lives up to its title, as every page brings great comfort. While some pages contain simple one-liners, such as why you should eat pasta, others are deep metaphorical observations that cause you to stop and really think.

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What’s Your Perfect Day

If you could map out your perfect day, what would it look like? Would it include a walk in the first light of the morning, a breakfast of coffee and croissants, and hours of uninterrupted writing time? Maybe an hour or two reading blogs, or a great book with a cup of tea by your side? Sitting in a café in the afternoon, journaling and listening to your favorite music, or lunch with a friend, catching up and ranting about the state of the world? Would it include a lovely dinner prepared by you or someone else? An evening binge-watching Netflix, or a great movie, alone or with a friend?

How close is any of your perfect day in relation to your reality? Life doesn’t allow for us to live every day in perfect harmony with our wishes, but how can we adapt our dreams and desires to better fit that reality? Life is fluid, always presenting hurdles, obstacles, changes, new responsibilities, and difficulties, and we have to work extremely hard to adjust.

All too often, what we really want to do gets pushed to the bottom of our never-ending to-do lists, and the day ends before we get there. The day always ends before we get to the end of the list. And it always will.

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Do Not Sacrifice For Your Kids

Do you really sacrifice for your kids ?

Motherhood is a life-changing event that demands a woman to face a lot of challenges and make a few adjustments in order to overcome them.

I recently met an old friend who has worked in a multinational company for the past 5 years. She suddenly had to quit her job and was given to her new role as a ‘mother’. While she was happily flipping the pages of this new chapter of her life, she was equally unhappy for ending a previous one that involved a well-meaning job. With utmost sympathy and concern, I was all ears to her super-heroic story of the nine hour long labour and the sleepless nights thereafter, until she mentioned one last line. She ended by looking at her two months old daughter and saying “I hope when she grows up, she realizes what all changes we made in our life just to raise her up. All my sacrifices would be worth it, then.”

This one nomenclature got me thinking. Not only did I realize how big the terminology is but also how it tends to impact both the mother and the child. As a parent myself, I want to implore all mothers to re-think before using the term ‘sacrifice’ for your kids.

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Little Rays of Sunshine

Some of my happiest moments throughout the past couple of weeks have come from forcing myself out out of bed and into the arms of my friends and family. The people you surround yourself with are there for a reason. You made the choice to have them in your life because they make you better in some way; they make you laugh, help ease your pain, bring out the bravest side of you, simply make good company. Just like you need to care for yourself by spending time alone, you need to nourish your relationships by spending time with those people.

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Repetitive Questioning: How To Handle My Toddler Behaviour

Are you a mom dealing with a toddler who is highly inquisitive and is never done asking the same question for about ten thousand times? Are you losing your sanity to the ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s’ of things? Well, then you must read this article to understand about this peculiar toddler behaviour- repetitive questioning and know how we can deal with it. 

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Hopeful Words

I had plans to write something more substantial by the end of the week, but the past few days proved to be more difficult than I could’ve anticipated. I was simply confronted with challenges that left me with little time to dedicate to anything else. So this post will just be a short collection of quotes that I’ve found helpful in the darkest moments of this week. This goes out to anyone else who has felt a little broken lately, a little lost, a little hopeless. You are not alone. And things will get better.

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Some DAYS are like that

I generally need a quiet environment to write. It helps me to flesh out what I want to put into written word. But honestly, that is not why I am here right now. I am here because I just can’t “people” right now. I love to be around people, love making connections, love the energy of groups. But there are times, when people are too much. The energy isn’t good energy. People are unkind, inconsiderate, and sometimes just generally suck. When I have too many of those encounters back to back, I know the joy is being sucked from my soul.

I was really having an awful day. So, between my anger, I remembered the children’s book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Judith Viorst wrote the book and Ray Cruz illustrated it in 1972. If you have never read it, you must. If you don’t have your own personal copy, you need to get one. And get the hard copy, I think those are more special.

I don’t want to spoil the book for you if you haven’t read it, so if you don’t have a copy, here is a YouTube link to the reading of the book with illustrations, it is only 7 minutes. Watch it now, I will pause my story until you have watched.

​Yeah Alexander had a really crappy day. We all can relate to a grown-up version to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I think the last line of the book is the reason I loved it so much.

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Naik Gunung Tanpa Ribet? Yuk Jelajah Gunung Telomoyo dengan Jeep.

Apakah kamu kaum mager tapi lagi ingin menikmati susasana gunung? Apakah kamu ingin naik gunung tapi males capeknya? Mungkin Gunung Telomoyo bisa jadi pilihannya.

Weekend kemarin, saya sekeluarga berkesempatan mencicipi indahnya Gunung Telomoyo dengan jeep. Mendadak piknik ceritanya. Sabtu sore si suami baru tercetus ajakan main ke Kopeng, habis maghrib langsung deh cabut dari Kota Semarang menuju Kopeng. Rencananya kami memang akan menginap di Kopeng sebelum bertolak ke Gunung Telomoyo esoknya. Kopeng rasanya menjadi destinasi yang pas untuk kami saat itu karena relatif dekat dari Semarang dan juga pemandangan pegunungannya yang indah. Cocoklah untuk jiwa-jiwa rindu hawa dingin pegunungan seperti saya tapi gag sempet naik gunung beneran. Hehehe

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First post of 2022

It’s Saturday. I’m working on this blog post NOW. Yeah, I know. It’s late.


Ideas: Not the issue. I had some ideas. I have an ongoing list so as to never run out of content. But, even with a rough draft sitting on my desk top from the week I didn’t have that “holy crap! I better get this done” feeling.
Writer’s block: No. I don’t believe in writer’s block. I didn’t have writer’s block. Like I said, I even had some rough drafts ready to go.
Pressing business: I didn’t have super pressing things to do.
Social life: Some, but nothing excessive.

What’s busy good for any how?

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