What’s for breakfast?

I LOVE breakfast.

It may be my most favourite meal of the day. I am usually STARVING when  I wake up. I would get up and make myself one slice of bread with some cheese as my starter breakfast or fried rice. You know, just to tide me over until I get to work. I would usually have that with an apple or any other piece of fruit that I have in my home.

I do love to eat something nice and warm and filling in the mornings. My preferred breakfast =  something that contains  protein because I find that protein tides me over a lot longer in the mornings than just a carb. For my breakfasts, I keep it simple so I choose eggs (btw talking about eggs, I just learned that they are a better source of iron than spinach (need to research that).

I am looking at cutting out all the very starchy carbs like bread, rice and potatoes. I have already started and eat other carb alternatives like bananas. Yes I loooooove bananas! This complicates my breakfast life even further because it feels like so little food! What would fill me up if I don’t eat rice?

So I would LOVE some cool breakfast ideas from you.

Are you big on breakfast?

What’s your favourite thing to eat in the morning?



I Need The Crunchy Things

Bonsoir, comment allez-vous?

Yay akhirnya bias nulis lagi setelah 3 harian ini si lepi ngambek minta install ulang dan kabel baterai minta ganti juga. Huuuh

Btw I REALLY need ‘the crunchy things’.


You know the satisfaction of the crunchy things in your mouth?

It usually comes with eating crunchy things like chips, biscuits, toast and anything that makes that crunching sound. I never ever realised this before but I think I may be addicted to the crunch. Yeaah … emang gag sehat syh, cuma sesekali gak papa kan ya?So anyway. I didn’t realise that I may have this issue as well.  It’s never been a big deal in my life and for the most part I managed it with junk  foods!  uuuh

Sepertinya saya butuh cemilan yang sehat namun tetep crunchy nyh, tapi apa? ada saran? However,  managing the crunch healthily is just not as awesome as managing the crunch with chips and biscuits. Salty snacks are more AWESOME for the crunch. the big hard kind, and yes the salt seems to be part of it. Ini bener-bener guilty pleasure deh … ampuuuuuun