#BunTingStory: Hidup Minimalis, Bikin Hidup Terasa Lebih Manis

Pic from here

Photo from here

It’s Wifey Wednesday! Today’s Wifey Wednesday post is going to share some things I’ve learned about marriage so far. Girrrrrrrl let me tell you. After Iting and I celebrated our 1 monthversary last Tuesday, I couldn’t help but think back on the journey – the good times and the bad.  They say the first 6 months of marriage is the roughest. Whoever “they” is, I can see that as being true.

For me, it was getting through the transitioning period, living with someone other than myself (we didn’t live together until marriage) and learning how to be a good wife. I realized I’m traditional in the sense that I like to clean my own house and cook for my husband. I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to hire a cleaning crew or a chef. I’m also learning so many new things about myself, my husband and our relationship everyday. I’m inspired to share so keep reading!

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Television Or Internet?

Image Source: Bargain Babe

Image Source: Bargain Babe

Once upon a time people were said to be television addicted but now some people are said to be internet addicted! More and more people prefer to spend their spare time over the internet instead of the TV. I also prefer to spend my time on blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other sites instead of watching soap operas or flop movies on TV.

I have to admit I can’t live without the internet, not even for a second… Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit, maybe 1 second I can but definitely not 10 seconds LOL. I’m 100% sure it’s not just me, everyone of you are! Just that you haven’t realized it yet.

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12 Tips Staying Inspired

Selamat hari blogger nasional!

Eiits, emang sekarang hari blogger ya? Saya juga baru tahu kalo gag karena baca twitnya mbak @TrinityTraveler. Duh parah ih saya gag menjiwai dunia perbloggeran luar dalam. Ampuuun!

Nah terinspirasi dari twitnya mbak @TrinityTraveler kalo di hari yang spesial ini berarti harus ada postingan baru, maka saya langsung putar otak mau nulis apa hari ini. Uuuuh! Bingung kali ambo ini, secara hari Minggu yang serba malas dan santai ini gag banyak aktifitas menarik yang saya lakukan, gag ada cerita seru yang bisa saya ceritakan, dan tadi juga bolos Car Free Day (CFD) jadi gag ada yag asik-asik yang bisa saya bagikan. Errrrr….

Setelah semedi sehari semalam akhirnya datang juga pencerahan. Mending saya bagi-bagi tips aja ya biar staying inspired terus. Sekali-kali bolehlah sok-sokan jadi expert gitu.hihihi …

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I Used to be A Morning Person

Believe it or not, i used to be a morning person.

I actually LOVED being a morning person. Those early hours just had so much promise and there were so many possibilities. I LOVED that I felt on top of things and not like I needed to still wake up and catch up to everything around me. One of my most favourite things is watching the sun rise. It’s like getting a peck on the cheek straight from God. There is simply no better pleasure. I liked feeling that I wasn’t having to “fall in” with everyone who was already in the swing of their day and it always felt like I had a lot more control. Probably psychological but still.

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